ICM Intermodal Concepts & Management AG

Global Service Company for Intermodal Transport

Memberships ICM AG is a member of the following oranizations: E.I.A European Intermodal Association B-Brüssel

ICM AG cooperates with the following partners: - ETH/IVT Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule CH-Zurich - TCI Transportation Consultants International USA-Baltimore - ZLW/IMA Universety Aachen D-Aachen

ICM AG is the official representative of E.I.A. European Intermodal Association for Switzerland and Germany.

ICM AG, Seestrasse 295, CH-8820 Au-Wädenswil - phone: +41 44 683 18 10 - fax: +41 44 638 18 12 - email: ICM AG